2021 Major Gift Campaign Chair Committee

Case for Support

READ Saskatoon is a safe place to learn. A place where people are supported and welcomed. With the help of trained volunteers, we empower people.

Currently, one-third of Saskatchewan adults struggle with literacy daily and one-third of Saskatchewan children show up for kindergarten not ready to learn.

That’s why the time is now.

With your assistance, we will support more people and families, achieve more learning goals, and create more opportunities in our community.

READ Saskatoon plans to raise $2,000,000 this year. This is an ambitious target, but your support will help us reach the following goals over the next four years:

  • Work with 20,000 people over four years.
  • Double our trained volunteers from 165 to 330; and
  • Train 200 facilitators throughout Saskatchewan, supporting them to deliver READ Saskatoon’s children’s, family, and financial literacy programs in their communities.


Case for Support

Why Support READ Saskatoon?

This year, our goal is to support more parents to plan for their children’s educational future.

We want to support more people to set and achieve learning goals that will advance their careers and improve their financial standing.

READ Saskatoon wants to ensure more children in our community are ready to learn when they arrive for their first day of kindergarten and to work with more students to improve their reading skills, giving them the confidence they need to succeed at school.

The need is now. With your support, we can raise $2,000,000 so everyone receives the same opportunity to learn and grow together.

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Literacy affects opportunity.

Literacy is linked to economic and personal success; the jobs people find, the salaries they make, and their ability to participate in their community are all directly related to their literacy skills.

Create change today.

2021 Pledge Form

Annual Report

READ Saskatoon has a long history as a local literacy organization that offers free literacy services to adults and families.

Since 1979 we have provided adult tutoring services with the help of trained volunteers and community partners. Today we have expanded to offer adult, family, and financial literacy programs, as well as literacy facilitator training and resources.

This past year we have touched lives, provided programs, and shared in our vision.

  • 2,358 People. Children & adults engaged with learning opportunities.
  • 38 Programs. That’s 1 FREE literacy workshop every 2 days.
  • 96 Partners. Organizations READ Saskatoon met with to share presentations, meetings, and plan programs.


2020-2021 Annual Report

READ Saskatoon Facts

Literacy is directly related to a person’s quality of life. Low literacy is linked to poor health, poverty, high unemployment, and crime rates. Statistics Canada confirms that “literacy skill level and household income are positively related.”

Results & Outcomes Of Our Work In The Community

  • Children’s Literacy. Over a span of four years, we have delivered one-to-one support to over 150 children & 1,200 books were sent home with children.
  • Adult Literacy. 70% of learners spend additional time each week to work on their learning goals. 4/5 achieved their goals. 78% of adult learners and their coaches report improved literacy skills for employment, employment-focused, education, and/or self-identified long-term goals.
  • Family Literacy. We host a free family literacy session in the community every 3.5 days. 82% of parents/caregivers report increased literacy habits and activities to support their children’s emerging literacy development. 90% of parents/caregivers gained awareness of other community learning opportunities and resources because of our programs.
  • Financial Literacy. 90% of participants made changes to money management. 307 participants annually. 73% shared what they learned with family and/or friends. 99 RESP’s were opened to save for a child’s future.

For more information on literacy, numeracy, and the impact READ Saskatoon is making in our community, read our fact sheet below.

Fact Sheet

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Campaign Meetings

Friday, November 5
Chair Meeting
12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Friday, November 26
Chair Meeting
12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

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To date, we have
received $1,788,993, achieving 89% of our fundraising goal.