Sanctum Survivor – Supporting Sanctum 1.5

Sanctum Survivor is a city-wide fundraiser held every year in June. 10 local leaders in the community gain insight into homelessness through a 36 hour challenge. The goal of this fundraiser is to increase awareness and understanding of the many challenges faced by people who experience poverty, homelessness and chronic illness. During the 36 hours they will be faced with different challenges that have been created by people who have experienced homelessness to help bring understanding to the many difficulties faced by this population. Each task will aim to demonstrate certain challenges that society is often unaware of but are an everyday reality for those who are homeless with HIV here in Saskatoon. In an attempt to make this challenge as realistic as possible, Survivors will wear donated clothes and shoes and are not be allowed any personal belongings other then a phone to update the public on their journey. At the end of the 36-hours, a reception is held where the public can hear about each survivor’s journey. Collectively, this event will raise awareness and understanding of issues faced by those living with HIV/AIDS in Saskatoon, as well as raise funds that will be put towards Sanctum’s newest initiative, Sanctum 1.5. The newest initiative is Sanctum 1.5, which is a ten bed, HIV and high risk pre-natal care home that will support high-risk, HIV positive, pregnant women.

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Our Role:

  • Volunteering as a member of the planning committee
  • Brainstorming at project onset
  • Assisting with obtaining sponsorship
  • Creation of promotional materials including advertising, event program, and signage
  • Social media management leading up to and during the event
  • Coordination and management of the Audio Visual requirements
  • Facilitating details of the venue:
    • Food, beverages, setup
    • Coordinated all event rentals
  • Coordinating the flow of the day and night
  • Managing volunteers
  • Coordinating signage for the sponsors and event
  • On site management:
    • Hosting sponsors, assisting with speaking notes, ensuring event is seamless

36-Hour Sanctum Survivor Challenge!