She has built her business by creating strong and trusted relationships. Relishing in the opportunity to use events as a vehicle to bring people together, Terri approaches experiences with creativity, vision and a keen sense of ownership.

Terri spent several years as the Regional Marketing Manager for the fifth largest accounting firm in Canada, hosting networking events, creating unique ways for clients to meet, and spearheading partner growth strategies. Aside from community minded campaigns and branding activities, she developed provincial wide marketing plans to help strengthen and grow clientele. She excels at developing and nurturing strategic partnerships that address both client and partner goals.

Though her media experience, Terri understands the value of building awareness and can navigate purchasing or sponsorship of airtime leading up to an event. Her unique perspective also makes her a great fit for professional athletes as a “handler,” who can address high-pressure situations, and everything in between.

Her combination of skills plus an underlying passion for supporting charities and non-profits helped bring SPARK to life. SPARK allows Terri to stretch her wings alongside a carefully crafted team who has the power to revitalize events, inject enthusiasm and change the industry landscape.

Terri has become great friends with most of her clients and continues to work with them because of the mutual respect and trust built into those relationships. Terri looks forward to meeting with you and creating something memorable together.